Here the most important events of aerophilately and air mail’s exhibitions are mentioned where our association has been the main organizing structure or has had a role of decisive co-participation in promotion and preparation.

2010 – Air mail and seaplane flights – Como

Documents evoking air transport. XXIX Philatelic Exhibition “City of Como” October 28 – November, 1st 2010 Como Exhibition was created by the Esperia Club headed by our member Oliviero Emoroso. In Villa Olmo’s luxurious rooms representative office of Municipality, the members Andrea Amoroso, Raimondo Cattanei, Bruna Corsari, Eligio Di Mento, Alberto Freda, Costantino Gironi, GiovanniContinue reading “2010 – Air mail and seaplane flights – Como”

2003 – AEROPHIL 2003 – Livorno

Philatelic, Model Aircraft, Painting Exhibition, Commercial Conference October 4,5th 2003 The event was organized by the Livornese Philatelic-Numismatic Circle (CFNL), in collaboration with the Italian Association of Aerophilately.As well highlighted by President of CFNL, Enrico Fernandez Affricano, a better occasion could not have been chosen to hold this aerial event, given the large number ofContinue reading “2003 – AEROPHIL 2003 – Livorno”

1984 – TITANO ’84 Aerophilately Exhibition and 24th FISA Congress

San Marino – Palazzo dei Congressi June 9,10 1984 Thanks to the great organizational skills of Sandro Taragni President and the support of Rimini Philatelic Circle, this great philatelic exhibition was organized in Republic of San Marino, with which the Bicentenary of the first Italian aeronautical ascents by Paolo Andreani was commemored. They occurred inContinue reading “1984 – TITANO ’84 Aerophilately Exhibition and 24th FISA Congress”

1960 – 50th Anniversary of Milan first International Air Circuit and first Alps Crossing – Milan

The exhibition in the former royal palace – September, 20 – October, 20 1960 The first air circuit in Milan in 1910 and the first flight across the Alps that accompanied it, were the fundamental theme of the exhibition set up in the former royal palace. On this occasion, the Italian pioneers of flight andContinue reading “1960 – 50th Anniversary of Milan first International Air Circuit and first Alps Crossing – Milan”