Special flights and air raid

One of the most significant periods in Italian aviation history is described here. The first goes from the first to the second world war, certainly known to all for the special flights made by some of our great pilots, such as De Bernardi and Ferrarin, De Pinedo and Nobile, Balbo and Lombardi. The experiments, special flights, raids, cruises, carried out individually or in groups by these men, are known not only by the general public, but remembered and investigated by researchers and scholars especially through the mail they transported during their businesses. The historical and documentary value of these aerograms, “authenticated” by postage, stamps and postal signs, adds value and interest to their collectible rarity.

The North-Atlantic cruise

Costantino Gironi The Atlantic team, made up of 25 S 55 X seaplanes, divided into eight squadrons of three aircraft each, plus one considered as reserve, departed from Orbetello and returned to Rome, after having completed a journey of thirteen stages for a total of about 20,000 km ., crossing the Atlantic Ocean twice.Here is…