Italian Association
of Aerophilately

Aerophily and Aeropostal History
Italian Association
of Aerophilately

Aerophily and Aeropostal History

AIDA, “Italian Association of Aerophilately”, was founded in 1958 by a group of airmail collectors with the aim of increasing and promoting air mail study in all its forms, sectors or specialization. By following in the footsteps of founders, the members who succeeded until today, have never missed to reach the original goals. Organizing of “Day of Aerophilately” and publishing of magazine “AIDA Flash” accompained its journey up to present day.

The latest from Italy and abroad…

“Ali Dentellate” – Roma 2023

Our association, in collaboration with the Italian Philatelic-Numismatic Association (A.F.I.) and the National Association of Aeronautics Officials (A.N.U.A.), will organize in Rome, on October 21st and 22nd, 2023, at the “Casa dell’Aviatore” (House of the Aviator), specifically in the prestigious “Francesco Baracca” hall, a philatelic-documentary exhibition dedicated to the Centenary of the Italian Air Force,…

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With the issue 179 of AIDA FLASH (September 2023), Fiorenzo Longhi’s study on the history of the Military Aviation concludes with the publication of the third and final installment. Additionally, you will find Flavio Riccitelli’s presentation regarding the event “ALI DENTELLATE,” which will take place on the upcoming 21st and 22nd of October in Rome.
A.F.I. (Italian Philatelic-Numismatic Association), A.N.U.A. (National Association of Aeronautics Officers), in collaboration with our Association, will respectively celebrate the Centenary of the Military Aviation and the 50th Day of Aerophilately.
To conclude, our President and Secretary’s regular columns.

01 – President’s Letter
02 – 2023: year of the centenary of birth of the Air Force (Part III)
20 – Ali Dentellate: 50th Day of Aerophilately – Conference AFI-AIDA 2023

28 – Communication from Secretary

President’s Letter

Dear Members,

With immense pleasure, I inform you that A.I.D.A. (Italian Aerophilatelic Association) has, since last year, accepted the invitation from the Italian Philatelic-Numismatic Association (A.F.I.) to organize a philatelic-documentary exhibition in Rome dedicated to the Centenary of the Italian Air Force……..

(AIDAFlash n.179 – September 2023)

I Quaderni di A.I.D.A.

After the success achieved by the “I Quaderni di AIDA” initiative in 2021, this year too the Association has promoted itself to follow up on this editorial experience.
In fact, the second issue has been released: “ITALO BALBO AND THE TRANSFLIGHT ACROSS THE SOUTHERN ATLANTIC” by Claudio Riccardo Incerti.
With this study, the author has promised to shed light on the historical-philatelic narration, trying to provide an updated version of the countless writings that have dealt with this epic feat over the course of time.
The foreword by our President is available for reading below.


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