Italian Association
of Aerophilately

Aerophily and Aeropostal History
Italian Association
of Aerophilately

Aerophily and Aeropostal History

AIDA, “Italian Association of Aerophilately”, was founded in 1958 by a group of airmail collectors with the aim of increasing and promoting air mail study in all its forms, sectors or specialization. By following in the footsteps of founders, the members who succeeded until today, have never missed to reach the original goals. Organizing of “Day of Aerophilately” and publishing of magazine “AIDA Flash” accompained its journey up to present day.


In the number 173 – March 2022 of AIDA Flash we find a very in-depth article on the history of ALITALIA, the fourth leg of the Graf Zeppelin “Round of the World” in 1929 and the celebration of one year since the publication of the AIDA website.
The President’s Letter, the Secretary’s Communications and “In the library” column, complete this issue.

01 – President’s Letter
02 – ALITALIA … a long history
18 – LOS ANGELES / LAKEHURST the last leg of the “Round of the world”
26 – In the library

27 – The AIDA web site celebrate one year
28 – Communication from Secretary

President’s Letter

Dear Members,

the epidemic seems to want to free us from the restrictions it has forced us to for over two years and another nighmare seems to appear on the horizon, that of war or worse of the radioactive cloud.
It is hoped that this dramatic situation can be put to an end through diplomatic channels…….

(AIDAFlash n.173 – March 2022)

I Quaderni di A.I.D.A.

The publication of “I Quaderni di AIDA” has started a special edition promoted by our Association with intention to propose again in the future but without a defined periodicity. The first issue published a study edited by Emilio Milisenda, on the occasion of the 90th ANNIVERSARY OF THE MEETING OF “GRAF ZEPPELIN” WITH “MALYGHIN”.
This is a report / study of over 60 pages that describes in detail all the aspects connected to this event and which will be distributed for free to our members together with the number 171 of AIDAFlash.
Emilio Milisenda, our member, is already the author of other well-known publications relating to other polar expeditions.
It is possible to read the genesis of this NEW initiative from the words of our President reported below…..


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