President’s Letter

Dear Members,

with the March issue of this year, the cover of our magazine could only be dedicated to our Air Force, which this year celebrates one hundred years since its establishment, which took place on March 28, 1923.

When the proposal was made to me by the new Board to dedicate a specific study under my signature dedicated to the history of the Italian Air Force, I welcomed this request and immediately set to work.

It was immediately understood that a single issue of the magazine would not be enough, so we agreed with friends of the editorial staff to extend it to several episodes of the magazine. Condensing a hundred years of history isn’t easy but I’ll try to tell the story in three episodes that will accompany you until the September issue.

Moreover, the September issue will reach you almost in the vicinity of the event that we intend to organize to worthily commemorate this event, of which I can already give you some previews.

The event will take place on 21-22 October, in Rome, at the Casa dell’Aviatore; it will be organized by AIDA in collaboration with the Italian Numismatic Philatelic Association “Alberto Diena” (AFI) and the National Association of Aeronautical Officers (ANUA).

Further details will be provided in the next issue, together with the news that will be published on the site in the meantime. You can already read the program of events organized by the Air Force itself.

I recommend that you book early, so that you can see as many of you as possible in Rome.

Fiorenzo Longhi
(AIDAFlash n.177 – March 2023)