The first scheduled flights

Here is described one of the most interesting periods in Italian aeropostal history, which goes from 1926 to the eve of the Second World War. A period where there were many special flights made by some of our great pilots, who then also ventured into commercial aviation.
And as we know, special flights do not belong to the daily routine of commercial flights, lived hard to ensure connections that are essential to everyone’s life, even though they constitute an important stimulus, aimed at promoting the regularity, continuity and progress of air transport.

Swallow’s wings: Ala Littoria SA
(1934 – 1941)

Flavio Riccitelli The Italian Air Network, at the end of the 1920s, had gradually established itself, alternating phases of expansion with phases of adjustment. After the birth of the first four private companies – SISA, Transadriatica, AeroEspresso and SANA – was followed by Avio Lines Italiane and in 1928 the Mediterranean Air Company (SAM), the…