Here described are the so-called “aerial precursors”, by which we mean everything that, from the point of view of direct documentation, is left to remember or commemorate facts and events that really happened or presumed to be so and recorded through the original period documents.
Among them can be included the messages or leaflets launched from the sky, the messages sent through the traveling pigeons. But undoubtedly, one of the most classic topics of this period is represented by the famous Ballon Monté, used to transport mail from the besieged city of Paris. The study of these correspondences, like all the other writings that have been handed down to us, they not only enrich the postal history for the exceptionality of the means of transport then used, but with their human charge, they testify the sufferings and passions of thousands of Parisians during the four months of the siege .
On September 23rd, 1870, when the order was given to continue with the preparation of flights and, it can be said, the service was formally established, it marks the birth of the Air Mail, the first ever and in 2020 they were commemorated the 150 years, , perhaps not worthily, because of the virus.