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Taking a plane today is a simple and almost routine thing, in a few hours you find yourself on the other side of the world. Communicating has become even easier in the age of the internet: today just one click is enough!
A little more than a hundred years ago, however, in the nascent era of rapid and mass communications, the air vehicle represented the most daring and innovative way, with which man could challenge himself and his abilities: starting with the first fields of aviation, passing through the rudimentary first aircraft of Eng. Caproni of the ’10s and the first Achille Dal Mistro’s air mail flight.

Then the crossings that covered long distances, such as the Sesto Calende-Melbourne raid carried out by the Neapolitan pilot De Pinedo in 370 effective hours of flight and 80 stopovers and covering 55,000 km, …

… to continue with the flights in South and North America of Gen. Balbo in formation of a “flock” of 1930 and 1933, with the opening of commercial routes and relative flights by the nascent airlines in the 1930s, which later merged into the Ala Littoria, as well as the first Italian transatlantic line, LATI, …

… To end with the first jet flight from Milan to Guidonia in November 1941, Italy has always been one of the protagonists in the world air and philatelic scenario.

Dear philatelist friend, have you ever thought about piloting your collection towards new airports?
Do you want to climb with us on the wings of history, to expand the pleasure of collecting and your philatelic and postal knowledge?

Let your collection take flight, AIDA is your Association!

How to register

For new members and for old members who have not yet sent the payment, the AIDA membership fee for the year 2021 returns to be equal to 50.00 Euro (full fee, for those who also want to receive the magazine “Qui philately”) or 40.00 Euros (fee not including the aforementioned magazine). However, it is at the discretion of each member to pay a higher fee. For the payment, by bank transfer, the account must be used IBAN IT77 G030 6967 6845 1034 6326 264, at Intesa Sanpaolo, in the name of Flavio Riccitelli. The mention “Social Quota 2021” must be reported in the description.
Together with the proof of payment of the fee, each new member, or even the already registered member who has not yet done so, must send to the mailbox of the secretariat ( on application form (downloadable here), duly completed and signed, absolutely necessary to access the various services offered by the Association.
Immediately afterwards, the new member will receive the indications for accessing the members area of the website and, subsequently, the social card with the stamp and the membership card to the Federation, also with the relative stamp.