Recovered mail

The crashed correspondences is undoubtedly one of the most interesting collections of aerophilately and aeropostal history. The experimentation of new lines and new air connections have always entailed, as you can imagine, the possibility of accidents. And in the development of the great intercontinental and transatlantic air routes, especially at the beginning, accidents were very frequent. Nevertheless, the mail continued on its way to its destination.
In fact, reference is made here to correspondence, letters or other postal objects, which have reached their destination after being recovered from a plane crash or which have reached their destination with a significant delay compared to the scheduled times, following an accident that occurred. to the carrier that carried them.
In the majority of cases, such correspondence appears to be in poor condition or even missing postage, as it detached during the accident, if the postal bags, as often happened, came into contact with water. But it is precisely in this characteristic that their charm lies, as witnesses of events, yes disastrous, but which tell a piece of the history of air mail, taking into account that on them were applied, almost always, explanatory stamps of the event itself.

Interrupted flights’ mail

Alberto Savio The need has always been felt to get the correspondence to its destination as quickly as possible: an attempt to transport it by post by balloon was made in the United States as early as 1859 from Indiana to New York. However, it was only at the end of the 1920s that the…