Services reserved to Members

With the payment of the fee you are entitled to receive the magazine “AIDA Flash” (in the digital version for members residing abroad), to participate in the activities of the association and also to receive an email in which each member is informed that it is a new issue of the “AIDA News” newsletter is available on the AIDA website, which illustrates the main events and / or initiatives of an aerophilatelic nature that may interest him or even some particularly important events of general philately, nationally or internationally.

In addition to the magazine and the newsletter, the additional services offered, also through the site’s members reserved area, are the following:

  • Access to the Members Reserved Area
  • Subscription to “Qui Filatelia” (for those who have paid the increased fee)
  • Patronage of AIDA for participation in national exhibitions
  • The Expert’s Corner (by the Editorial Board)
  • Use of Virtual Library
  • Swap Service between Members
  • Forgeries Column
  • Concessions for the purchase of publications highlighted in the members area
  • Discounts for subscriptions to the following magazines:
    • The Art of Postage Stamps
    • The collector
    • Vaccari Magazine
    • Mail Stories
  • Access to any activated Forums