Aerophilately Days

A very important date for AIDA was June 10, 1971, when the “Day of Aerophilatelia” began, which took place for the first time in Sesto Calende and thereafter continued annually in various Italian cities, winding throughout the peninsula, often in collaboration with local philatelic circles.
The aim was and still is to meet among the members and allow each one to exhibit their beautiful collection, so as to be able to appreciate and share their contents, without the constraints of the regulations of the competing exhibitions. The “Day” was therefore for many also a kind of training ground, before entering the world of exhibitions at a competitive level.
In fact, the day of aerophilathelia has always used the formula of the non-competitive event, with a free scheme, which does not include prizes, if not possibly a participation diploma, in memory of the event. Therefore, an opportunity for members to develop their studies without the rigid regulatory schemes, but also for those who, intending to try their hand at competitive events, want to gain a useful experience, possibly taking the opportunity to receive useful advice from members more experienced.
During these events, which often saw the presence of international exhibitors, a separate post office has always been organized by Poste Italiane and the special cancellation celebrating the event, specially prepared by the Association and dedicated to events or anniversaries in the aeronautical field, has always been used. In some cases, the exhibition event was also accompanied by the preparation of postal dispatches and the organization of special flights with transport of correspondence.
Finally, as per established practice, our association always relies on a local philatelic club, well rooted in the territory, to organize this event. And there were many philatelic circles involved, from every part of Italy, from North to South.
Below is a detailed list of all the “days”, which except for very few interruptions, such as that of 2020, due to the pandemic, have taken place continuously from 1971 until today. And as you can see, the next edition of the “Giornata dell’Aeropilatelia”, to be held in Lavagna (GE), will be the fiftieth and will be worthily celebrated.

11971June, 10th SESTO CALENDE
21972March, 5thCREMONA
31973March, 19thPRATO
41974October, 20th NAPOLI
51975November 4thMILANO
61976August, 29th VENEZIA
71976October, 19th MILANO “Italia 76”
81977September, 10th STRESA
91978March, 5th CREMONA
101979October, 7th VARESE
111980September, 14th MANTOVA
121981December, 6thMEDA
131982May, 2ndPALLANZA
141983May, 22nd CREMONA
151984November, 25th GORGONZOLA
161985September, 22ndDOMODOSSOLA
171986July, 12ndBARDONECCHIA
181987November, 28th GORGONZOLA
191988October, 2nd SARONNO
201989December, 3rd FIRENZE
211990November, 4thVERONA
221991November, 30th FIRENZE
231992September, 19th GENOVA
241993June, 27th SENIGALLIA
251994May, 29thMANTOVA
261995April, 2nd BARI
271996October, 20th FIORENZUOLA D’ARDA
281997June, 21stSALUZZO
291998May, 17thGORGONZOLA
301998October, 25thMILANO “Italia 98”
311999June, 20th CAVENAGO BRIANZA
322000May, 14thAGRATE BRIANZA
332001May, 19th ANCONA
342002May, 11stVERONA
352003June, 16th SENIGALLIA
362004April, 17th FIRENZE
372005September, 30th ROMA
382006September, 30th ORBETELLO
392007September, 21st VASTO
402008March, 8thMILANO
412009June, 7th TORINO
422010May, 22ndVERONA
432011June, 4th LAVAGNA
442012September 15thEMPOLI
452013June, 15th NOALE
462014September, 20th COMO
 2015 canceled
 2016 canceled
472017May, 19th TORINO
482018May, 21st MILANO
492019September, 14 EMPOLI
 2020 canceled
2021 canceled

Let’s scroll back in time the experiences lived, starting from 2019, highlighting for each “Day”, everything organized and prepared (postcards, cancellations, unique numbers, collections on display) on the occasion of each of them.

49th Day of Aerophilatelia 2019 Empoli
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48th Day of Aerophilatelia 2018 Milan
Although it was not clearly highlighted in the special cancellation prepared on …
47th Day of Aerophilatelia 2017 Turin
The 47th edition of the "Day" was held in Turin on May …
Aerophilatelia Day 2015 not carried out
The edition of the "Day" in 2015 was not carried out. The …
46th Day of Aerophilatelia 2014 Como
The 2014 edition of Aerophilatelia Day took place in Como on September …
45th Aerophilatelia Day 2013 Noale
The "Day", over the years, has moved to various Italian locations, where …
44th Aerophilatelia Day 2012 Empoli
Our association in collaboration with the Emporium Philatelic Circle, as part of …
43rd Aerophilatelia Day 2011 Lavagna
In collaboration with the Circolo Filatelico Lavagnese, which has always been active …
42nd Aerophilatelia Day 2010 Verona
In collaboration with Circolo Filatelico Veronese, the famous "Scaligera", which hosted us …
41st Day of Aerophilatelia 2009 Torino
The traditional "Day of Aerophilatelia", which reached its 41st edition in 2009, …
40th Day of Aerophilatelia 2008 – Milano
In AIDAFlash number 119, December 2007, the enthusiastic then President Costantino Gironi …
39th Day of Aerophilatelia 2007 – Vasto
The 39th Day of Aerophilatelia took place on September 21st, 2007 in …