Aviation pioneers

The pioneering period is when aviation takes its first steps and gradually begins to arouse the interest of a wide audience. These are the early years of the twentieth century and the aviation shows, initially heroic experiments, gradually take the form of air circuits, where many daring pilots compete with each other to win the rich prizes. With the air circuits, school camps, mechanical factories for aerial construction and the construction of increasingly sophisticated aircraft are also being developed.
A period which, by international definition, ends in 1914, when the airplane’s enormous potential begins to be glimpsed, even in the war field.

One hundred years ago 1910

Bruna Corsari 1910 is the year of the Pioneers, a fundamental year for the aerophilatelists who collect the flights of the pioneers. It is the richest year in aviation events organized in fourteen Italian cities from North to South, from spring to autumn: in Firenze, Palermo, Genova, Mantova, Ferrara, Napoli, Bologna, Verona, Parma, Vercelli, Pescara,…

The Monaco air rallye

Romano Bini This event was organized by the Sporting Club of Monaco. In addition to being a sporting competition, the rallye aimed to study the possibility of establishing rapid connections between the Principality and the most important European cities. The regulation provided for the departure of planes from seven cities: Brussels, Gotha, London, Madrid, Milan,…