Aerophilately, aerophily and aeropostal history

By introducing the term “Aerophily” we wanted to coin a neologism with which we mean not only the study of documents sent by post concerning air transport, that is to say what is more commonly known as “Aerophilately”, but also refer to some aeronautical events whose there are collectible paper mementos in memory of flight and air transport in general.
Moreover, taking into account that aerophilately is not a specialization of general philately, but a form of collecting that develops parallel to philately, and belongs by right to postal history (having as it, its classical and modern, general and specialized collectors , thematic and marcophiles, passionate about postal stationery and erinnophiles), we also wanted to associate the term “aeropostal history”, with which we want to represent that useful mixture between aerophilatelia and postal history, that is to say two different sensibilities in the way of collecting , from which to develop all possible potential synergies.

What is Aerophilately?

Egil H. Thomassen Aerophilately represents the study of ihe development of air mail services and a collection of documents pertaining to such development. Or, expressed in another way, Aerophilately is a postal and philatelic mirror of the history of…

The aeropostal history
a land still to be explored

Flavio Riccitelli The study presented here in the form of an article is taken from a presentation entitled “Some contributions to better understand Aeropostale History”, made in Prato, at the Institute of Historical Postal Studies, on February 23, 2008…