The most important aeronautical and / or aviator events are here mentioned, held in Italy or abroad, which have always greatly stimulated the sensitivity towards flight that usually accompanies every aerophilatelist. These are various kind of events where there were also aerophilatelic implications: aerostatic rallies, air shows, exhibitions and / or cultural events.

2019 – 90th Anniversary of the Eastern Mediterranean cruise – Somma Lombardo

Conference – Volandia Museum June 8, 2019 In June 1929, the Eastern Mediterranean Cruise began, commissioned by the then Undersecretary Italo Balbo to reach the Black Sea with a dual objective: to train flight crews in formation over long distances and to advertise Italian aircraft abroad. Ninety years later Volandia remembers the feat – «anContinue reading “2019 – 90th Anniversary of the Eastern Mediterranean cruise – Somma Lombardo”

2016 – Flight Festival- Monza

Villa Mirabello – Monza Park of the Reggia April, 1-25 2016 Almost the entire month of April dedicated to the flight exhibition and a “three days” of subtle adrenaline between charm, emotion and show. An initiative organized by Villa Reale and Parco di Monza Consortium and the Italian Aerostatic Club and conceived by Marco Majrani,Continue reading “2016 – Flight Festival- Monza”

2009 – World Air Games – Torino

Various competition venues June, 6 – 14 June 2009 The World Air Games was the most important sport aviation event in the world. Organized and promoted by Fédération Aéronatique Internationale (FAI), in this 2009 edition they were, by approach, assimilated to the Olympic competitions, with general and specialized press coverage and extensive media coverage, usingContinue reading “2009 – World Air Games – Torino”

1994 – MAV VERGIATE 94

28th Air Show – Agusta Airport – Vergiate September, 4th 1994 One of the most outstanding characteristics of Vergiate Club has always been the great passion of its members for all aspects of flying. This passion has always meant not only pleasure in flying, but also pleasure in admiring others, showing one’s skills and thoseContinue reading “1994 – MAV VERGIATE 94”