Air mail since 1945

The thematic channel presented here allows us to investigate and discover, in over 75 years of Italian Republic, the most significant aspects of aeronautical history and of aeropostal history, connected with economic and commercial development, with technical and industrial progress, with evolve and widen cultural and social relations.
We know that special flights do not belong to the daily routine of scheduled flights, even though they constitute the exception that ensures and promotes the regularity, continuity and progress of air transport. However, in the Republican period, special flights maintained their particular character, linked to technical or sporting, humanitarian or political, celebratory or military reasons.

Air mail rates

Bruno Crevato-Selvaggi In 1944-45, at the resumption of postal domestic and foreign service, only ordinary and registered letters and postcards up to 1 kilo for domestic were allowed; with different limits depending on the destination for abroad.From March 15th, 1947 the transport of all kinds of correspondence for domestic and foreign purposes was allowed, with…

The Republic’s air mail

Fernando Corsari From war to peace The history of Italian air postal transport since the end of the Second World War is closely linked to the reopening of civil air links, the rebirth of commercial airlines and the reorganization of postal services with the restoration of the air route for both domestic and foreign countries.Article…