I Quaderni di A.I.D.A.

When Emilio Milisenda proposed his article for our AIDA Flash magazine, I realized that we had valid material in our hands but to be divided into various episodes.

Personally, I hate serialized articles and I think that this feeling is common to everyone.

So how to solve the problem? The first intention was to publish an entire issue of the magazine but in the end the idea had to be discarded since the format of AIDA Flash badly adapts to a certain type of work that requires a particular layout, such as the one that was wanted to be presented to the members.

Thus was born the project to start creating a first special issue, a “Notebook”, with no defined periodicity, which can be published at least once a year, if one of our members will present us with an extended and valid topic and the budget and / or the sponsors will let us.

We then thought of a new cover, quite iconic, which would become a way to distinguish it from the magazine.

But not only that: also a new format and a different layout, which make it a nice little book to leaf through and consult with pleasure. So here is the first issue of “I Quaderni di AIDA” dedicated to a study by our member Milisenda, already established author of two important works: Umberto Nobile and the transpolar flight of the “Norge” (2016) and Umberto Nobile and the polar flight of the airship “Italia” (2018).

Fiorenzo Longhi