“I Quaderni di A.I.D.A.” n.2

Also this year, given the excellent response received from members, we want to continue with the happy custom, started last year, of publishing at least one special annual issue.

Here is the second issue of “I Quaderni di AIDA” dedicated to a study by our partner Claudio Riccardo Incerti on the Flight in flock formation over the South Atlantic, carried out in 1930-31, under the command of Italo Balbo.

From a philatelic point of view, this flight has reserved many obscure points for a long time, starting with the stamp, which can be considered the first “not issued on an official circulated envelope” and at the same time a “celebratory service stamp reserved for the Air Force”.
In fact, it is the Air Force, through its new Minister, Italo Balbo, who wants and pays for it and, consequently, who meticulously manages all the organizational aspects on its own, including postage stamps and celebratory envelopes: a perfect example of communication, propaganda and, as we would say today, of “merchandising”.
The study presented here analyzes all aspects in detail: from the conception of the feat, to the analysis of the flight, to the study of the issue of the stamp and its forgeries.
Also with this notebook, as already happened with the previous one, our Association wants to confirm the high quality of the published studies, which will certainly be able to obtain excellent results in the next competitive literature exhibitions.

Fiorenzo Longhi