Philatelic exhibition “the aerostatic flight”

The Philatelic Exhibition “The aerostatic flight” will be held on next May 30, 2022 from 10:00 – 17.00 at Transports and Logistics Technical Institute “M.Torre” “Conduction by air”, sited in Viale Regina Elena, 94 – Trapani.

Starting from the examination of the causes of success and failure that have affected the history of airships up to deepening the recent progress made in the field of aeronautical engineering design, the didactic module “Design and future uses of lighter-than-air” – promoted and held by our member Nicola Valcarcell, professor of aviation science and technology laboratories – ends with the exhibition of the collection entitled “The Cruise in Italy of the Dirigible Graf Zeppelin LZ127 29-30 May 1933”, accompanied by complementary documentation. The event is organized in collaboration with Poste Italiane, the CFN “Rinaudo – Gucciardi” of Trapani and has received the patronage of the Municipality of Trapani and the Italian Association of Aerofilatelia.

For the occasion of this exhibition, a special postcard will be issued, illustrated with a watercolor, by the artist Prof. Maria Giovanna Cammarasana. A separate post office will also function, where all correspondence will receive the specially prepared special cancellation.