President’s Letter

Dear Members,

In my previous letter I informed you that: “The national exhibition calendar has been adapted to the new epidemic development: Milanofil has been scheduled for 8-9 October; Veronafil at the autumn edition of 26-28 November “.

Unfortunately, however, Milanofil (where I had to participate as an aerophilatelic juror) will not take place in presence, but only on a virtual level and Veronafil (where we would have liked to schedule the members meeting) has been canceled in these days by the Scaligera Philatelic Numismatic Association with the following press release official:

“Given the persistent endemic situation and above all the reconfirmation of the restrictive conditions to be respected in compliance with COVID provisions currently in force, we are forced, in spite of ourselves, to cancel also the 137th VERONAFIL.

The painful choice to cancel our event this time too was made due to too many influences, especially for collectors, which if respected would have made it impossible to use.”

We hope to finally find ourselves all together at next year’s conferences!

Many members ask me at what point is the work of the new edition of my catalog “Aerofilia Italiana” and I am happy to give you some preliminary information: the crazy encyclopedic undertacking is almost over, but there is still a lot to check and therefore will be available in 2022 .

Practically the pages double (from 600 to 1,200) and it will be necessary to divide the work into two volumes. The photos that were around 600 mostly in black and white have now become around 3,500, all in color except for historical or aircraft ones. The published images are all as close as possible to the descriptive text and the evaluations are no longer listed separately but next to each item as in the first edition. The list of civil and military events has been greatly expanded and all the aerograms or documents that have come to light after 2011 have been added. In the published images, where of course air mail prevails and has been greatly expanded, many images of the complementary documents (postcards, invitations, unique numbers, menus, flyers, musical scores, etc.).

I would like to inform you that we have also managed to publish number 1 of the “I Quaderni di AIDA” series that you will receive together with this magazine and that, as specified in the previous letter, is the result of the work of the partner Emilio Milisenda.

Fiorenzo Longhi
(AIDAFlash n.171 – September 2021)