Airship LZ.127 “GRAF ZEPPELIN” the flight to ROME

Flavio Riccitelli Introduction To keep alive the attention of world public opinion on the airship and in particular on the LZ.127 “Graf Zeppelin”, which had started a long series of regular commercial flights to South America with transport of passengers, goods and mail, was its short flight to Rome, carried out in May 1933 beforeContinue reading “Airship LZ.127 “GRAF ZEPPELIN” the flight to ROME”

Welcome to ZEPPELIN mail collecting

John Duggan John Duggan was a famous English scholar who published numerous studies and books on Zeppelins as well as editor for many years of the magazine “Zeppelin” (A Study Group Newsletter). Without his passion which led to the writing of several publications, future Zeppelin collectors would not have been able to count on aContinue reading “Welcome to ZEPPELIN mail collecting”