Philatelic exhibition “the aerostatic flight”

The Philatelic Exhibition “The aerostatic flight” will be held on next May 30, 2022 from 10:00 – 17.00 at Transports and Logistics Technical Institute “M.Torre” “Conduction by air”, sited in Viale Regina Elena, 94 – Trapani. Starting from the examination of the causes of success and failure that have affected the history of airships upContinue reading “Philatelic exhibition “the aerostatic flight””

Federal seminar of aerofilatelia – 2022

The seminars that the Federation organizes periodically are an important moment of presentation of the new exhibition trends and regulations, as well as of cultural growth and experience for exhibitors and jurors. For these reasons, after last year’s seminars dedicated to the classes of open philately and thematic philately and to today’s experimental philatelic section,Continue reading “Federal seminar of aerofilatelia – 2022”

Centenary of the first air crossing of the south Atlantic

On March 30, the Portuguese post office worthily commemorated the centenary of the first air crossing of the South Atlantic, between Portugal and Brazil, through the issue of a splendid series of three I20g stamps, corresponding to a nominal value of 1.05 euros. and a 3.00 euro block of paper. The first air crossing ofContinue reading “Centenary of the first air crossing of the south Atlantic”

Bergamo – 50th anniversary of the first line flight

On July 16, 1970, the Company for Bergamo Orio al Serio Civil Airport (SACBO) was established at the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce, an act that concluded a long process that had begun two years earlier to give life to the business of civil aviation on the pre-existing military airport, dating back to 1939. Exactly oneContinue reading “Bergamo – 50th anniversary of the first line flight”

The day of the balloon in Brugherio

A day of celebration took place in Brugherio, Sunday March 13, to celebrate Andreani’s historic first flight. For Brugherio it is always a great occasion for celebration to evoke that distant March 13, 1784, when the legendary Marquis Paolo Andreani flew up from the garden of his brother Gian Mario’s beautiful villa in Moncucco, accompaniedContinue reading “The day of the balloon in Brugherio”

Even AIDA runs for peace

The Italian Philatelic Press Union (USFI), the Federation of Italian Philatelic Societies (FSFI) and the National Association of Philatelic Professionals (ANPF) have promoted the initiative called “Philately for Peace”, aimed at raising awareness among Italian philatelic world to affirm a “NO!” decided on war as an instrument to settle disputes between nations. An assumption toContinue reading “Even AIDA runs for peace”

The next aerophilatelia workshop is in preparation

As we know, the Federation is fully committed to the organization of federal seminars, which represent an important opportunity to illustrate the new exhibition trends and the evolution of regulations, as well as an opportunity to increase knowledge and share experiences for exhibitors and jurors. The next aerophilatelic seminar is part of this context, whichContinue reading “The next aerophilatelia workshop is in preparation”

The “XX Colloquium of postal history” in Prato

Like every year, especially now that we are beginning to see an attenuation of the pandemic situation, the conduct in presence of the “XX Colloquium of postal history” was confirmed, and it was held in Prato, on 12 February last, at the ‘State Archives, in via Ser Lapo Mazzei 41. Eleven speakers present, who addressedContinue reading “The “XX Colloquium of postal history” in Prato”