VERONAFIL 2022 – Meeting of AIDA Members

The Assembly of members of the Italian Association of Aerophilately met on November, 19 2022 in Verona, with the renewal of the corporate bodies on the agenda and also to meet the members in person, after the long period of constraints.

All shareholders who have submitted their candidacy have been confirmed. The new AIDA Board, in order of preferences received, will therefore be composed of: Fiorenzo LONGHI, Flavio RICCITELLI, Claudio Riccardo INCERTI, Nicola VALCARCELL, Luigi FARINA, Alessandro TESTA and Paolo TONDO.

The shareholders present at the meeting, in presence or by proxy, in front of which the scrutiny was held, unanimously confirmed the response of the vote. At this point, as per the Articles of Association, in the next few days the new Board will meet to elect the President, the Secretary, the Treasury and to assign further corporate roles and/or duties.

The Assembly and all the voting members (over 64%), practically confirming the outgoing directors, wanted to express their appreciation for all the work done and the commitment made for the Association in the last four years. Our thanks go to all.

At Veronafil we were also able to admire the splendid stand set up by Silvia Vaccari, with many models of planes and space shuttles, but also two large hot air balloons and numerous aeronautical memorabilia. But above all, she was on display, a splendid model, in 3D printing, of the famous Zeppelin airship LZ.127, known to many aerophilatelic collectors. Below are some images, which give an idea of the exhibits.