2023 – “PAPER WINGS” exhibition

The first cultural initiative, which actually opened the celebrations for the Centenary of the Italian Air Force was the “Wings of Paper” exhibition, inaugurated on 15 October 2022 and which will remain open until 19 February 2023, hosted at the Historical Rooms of Palazzo Aeronautica in Rome (open with free admission to the public every weekend and public holiday), which traces the epic of two of the most incredible inventions of the last century, cinema and flight.

The history of 100 years of the Air Force, through cinema and historical posters. A distillation of aviation history, using the art of graphic illustration and cinematography.

In a whirlwind of cards, among 265 cinematographic works and more, original sketches of films, science fiction spaceships and ancient cinema cameras …, the visitor is catapulted into the wonderful world of flight, piloted by his favorite heroes of timeless films.

For more information and to book, please visit the AMI website. Here is the link: