Let’s go back to this event again to remember that it hosted the 76th FIP Congress, held on August 9, 2022, during which, in addition to ratifying the regulatory changes in progress, it also elected the new FIP council and, for the new four-year period 2022-2026, a new FIP President, who Prakob Chirakiti, from Thailand. Dutiful thanks go to outgoing President Bernie Beston for his good work over the past four years, despite the pandemic making it difficult to implement his plans.

Due to the postponement of the 2020 elections, the Vice Presidents and Directors for America and Europe have been elected for a semester or two years (2022-24), to ensure that ordinary intervals and terms can be observed again by the 77th Congress onwards. President, Vice President and Director for Asia were elected for four years (2022-26).Here is the full list:

  • President: PRAKOB CHIRAKITI, Thailand (2022-26)
  • Vice-President for America: REINALDO MACEDO, Brazil (2022-24)
  • Vice-President for Europe: YIGAL NATHANIEL, Israel (2022-24)
  • Vice-President for Asia: RICHARD TAN, Singapore (2022-26)
  • Director for America: ALDO SAMAME Y SAMAME, Peru (2022-24)
  • Director for Europe: PETER SUHADOLC, Slovenia (2022-24)
  • Director for Asia: ABDULLA KHOORY, UAE (2022-26)
Picture (from left): A. Khoory, P. Suhadolc, A. Samame y Samame, P. Chirakiti, R. Macedo, R. Tan, Y. Nathaniel

As for the exhibition, here are the winning collections of the three grand prix and we are pleased to highlight that the National Grand Prix has been awarded to an air mail collection. Here are three collections awarded in absolute:

  • World Stamp Champion: William Kwan, Hong Kong, “Hong Kong Designs, Proofs, Specimens and Other Archival Materials
  • Grand Prix International: Jan Huys-Berlingin, Liechtenstein, “Belgium’s first issue, theEpaulettes
  • Grand Prix National: Tono Dwi Putranto, Indonesia, “The Development of KLM and KNILM Operation in the Netherlands Indies 1920-1942”

Attached are the complete results of the aerophilathelia class. Three Italian collections in competition, including one of our partner Ferdinando Giudici’s collections dedicated to the Ballons-Montes, awarded with the great gold and the special prize.