In memory of Roberto Crovato

We have received the sad news of the death in Venice, on July 9th, of the entrepreneur Roberto Crovato, at the age of 74, after a long illness. Roberto had been our partner for some years and was a great passionate collector of aerograms and Italo Balbo’s ephemera. We chatted amicably with him on the phone several times, especially during the most acute period of the pandemic, with the promise that we would soon take the opportunity to get to know each other personally.

Little or nothing was talked about with him about his state of health. His main topics were, of course, aerophilathelia, but he did not disdain sometimes mentioning his work, which was always carried out with great passion and which, of course, involved him almost totally. But he has always talked about all this with great modesty, without ever showing the great craftsmanship that accompanied him, recognized by many, as well highlighted by the most important newspapers in Venice, in the aftermath of his death.

In fact, it is only now that we discover that Roberto Crovato was a famous terrazzo-mosaicist and belonged to an ancient family of artisans, originally from Friuli. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, he began working at a very young age, with his father Antonio’s company. In 1958 the architect Carlo Scarpa wanted it for the floors of the famous Olivetti shop in Piazza San Marco. A cult object for the history of contemporary art, visited by thousands of people every year. And this alone would be enough to honor the value of his mastery.

With the FAI, Roberto Crovato has participated in several conservative restorations. He was known abroad after having created the terraces for the Missoni House. His works for Anish Kapoor, Philippe Stark, the patriarchate of Venice, the Doge’s Palace and the Civic Museums. Numerous works abroad. In Jerusalem and in America, as well as Rome, Siena and Milan. About him, those who have had the opportunity to work together said that “few knew the value of stones and marble like him. A natural creative ». Our deepest condolences go out to his family.