FIP clarifies regulations for lv and lg exhibits

The International Philatelic Federation (FIP) has already clarified on its website some rules for the exhibits that have obtained the Vermeil Grande and Oro Grande medals. This clarification is dated April 2019, however it seems important to us to remember it, considering the difficulties we are experiencing in competitive exhibitions due to the pandemic and also because it seems that exhibitors are usually not aware of some crucial details, sometimes to their benefit.

In short:

  • A Large Vermeil exhibit (85 points) which in the subsequent exhibition should be exhibited with 8 paintings, may have the possibility of exhibiting twice 5, 6 or 7 paintings, within three years from the date it obtained the Great Vermeil.
  • A Large Gold exhibit remains in competition for ten years after receiving its first Large Gold medal. If the exhibit receives three Large Gold medals during the ten-year period, it is promoted to the Championship Class. If not, it remains in competition but only as a new exhibit.

Read the FIP announcement here linked.