Indonesia 2022

The World Stamp Championship Exhibition initially scheduled for 2020, which we reported in the News of October 23, 2020 n. 6 (14) and in the news of 25 October 2021, which was thought to be no longer held, was instead confirmed for 4-9 August 2022 in Jakarta. The event, which has the patronage of FIAP and FIP, includes, in addition to literature, the following classes: World Stamp Championship, Postal History, Interophilia, Aerofilatelia, Thematic Philately, Tax.

Applications for participation requests (the application form and the IREX of the event are attached) must be sent to the commissioner by 30 April 2022, while for the literature class there is time until 31 May. Confirmation of acceptance is scheduled for May 15, 2022. Given the delay in communication, a personal email of this event was sent to all potential exhibiting members.

Therefore, a great opportunity for those who, after two years of pandemic, would like to take advantage of the summer period to combine philately with a holiday. Moreover, the month of August, from a climatic point of view, is the best time of the year for Indonesia; places like Bali represent destinations to visit for the beauty of the places and the sea.

The Italian Commissioner of the event is Claudio Manzati. Email; Mobile: 339.84.08.189.Website: