The day of the balloon in Brugherio

A day of celebration took place in Brugherio, Sunday March 13, to celebrate Andreani’s historic first flight. For Brugherio it is always a great occasion for celebration to evoke that distant March 13, 1784, when the legendary Marquis Paolo Andreani flew up from the garden of his brother Gian Mario’s beautiful villa in Moncucco, accompanied by two young carpenters, Giuseppe Rossi and Gaetano Barzago. , also known as the “du paisan”, who by a “twist of fate” became the first two aeronauts of Brugherio, just six months after the Parisian enterprise of the Montgolfier brothers, whose name later became synonymous with a balloon.

As is well known, the Marquis Paolo Andreani, descendant of a noble and rich family, is the one who made the first human flight in Italy, but also the first made outside France and the fourth ever in history. The balloon, which started from Moncucco, rose for 1537 meters and after half an hour of flight descended near Carugate, about 5 miles from the place of departure. Four days later the Austrian government prohibited any other ascension of “flying balloons” in all of Lombardy.

March 13 is therefore a real celebration for Brugherio, which every year (pandemic apart) is re-proposed. The program this time was very rich and was expressed through numerous events:

  • In the morning, the “On quadret sol balon” initiative was held: more than 2,300 wool squares sewn by hand by the Sferruzzo Group against violence against women, which went to cover a hot air balloon anchored to the ground, five meters high and three meters high. diameter.
  • The “La banda in dal balon” was then performed, a performarce inside the balloon of the San Damiano and Sant’Albino Musical Corps, after the inflation on the ground by the Company of the hot-air balloon Section 1 Piero Porati Brugherio, with the possibility to take suggestive photos inside the balloon.
  • In the afternoon the institutional celebration took place in the council chamber in Piazza Battisti, which saw the presentation of the book “Paolo Andreani” written by Marco Majrani.

Then followed several singing performances inside the ball by various artists.

Program (Attachment)