The next aerophilatelia workshop is in preparation

As we know, the Federation is fully committed to the organization of federal seminars, which represent an important opportunity to illustrate the new exhibition trends and the evolution of regulations, as well as an opportunity to increase knowledge and share experiences for exhibitors and jurors.

The next aerophilatelic seminar is part of this context, which will take place before the summer break and which will also include the participation of an international juror enrolled in the FIP register.

All members have been sent an email, attached below, inviting those interested in competing exhibitions, at any level, to send their reports on general issues that they consider worthy of attention by March 6. deepening.

Of course, the very fact that this information is taken up and published in the public area of ​​our site suggests that the aforementioned invitation is also extended to non-members.

The email address to send your feedback to is the

Email sent to the members