50th FISA Congress during Antverpia 2022

By the Council of FISA (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Aérophilatéliques) it was decided that the 50th Congress and the General Assembly will be held on Saturday June, 11 2022 in Antwerp, during the Belgian national exhibition ANTVERPIA 2022, at the Antwerp Expo.

Due to the well-known Covid-19 pandemic, our 50th FISA Congress scheduled for 2021 in Hungary could not be held and the FISA leaders decided to convene it in 2022, together with the FISA General Assembly and this by the way they invite us all to Belgium.

Why Belgium?

Originally, to celebrate the Centenary of the 1920 Antwerp Olympic Games, a national exhibition was planned in Belgium in August 2020, which was extended for the first time to June 2021 due to the epidemic: Antverpiade 2021 (National Exhibition) + Antverpia 2021 (Regional Exhibition) and subsequently and definitively on 10-12 June 2022: Antverpia 2022 (National Exhibition).

As it was not possible to convene the FISA 2021 Congress, the leaders of FISA have therefore decided to seize the opportunity to convene the 50th FISA Congress in Antwerp, during Antverpia 2022. It will be the third appointment of FISA in Belgium. The precedents were the 3rd Congress held on the occasion of Aerofila 1963 and the 12th Congress held on the occasion of Belgica 1972.

FISA Secretary General, Stefan Bruylants, who is also Vice President of the Organizing Committee of this Belgian National Exhibition, with official international participation, is honored to invite us all to Antwerp for the 50th Congress. Moreover, Antwerp is a beautiful city to visit, especially in June, the best time of the year.

The Belgian National Exhibition is a three-day exhibition that brings together no less than four exhibitions under one roof:

  • National competition with the collaboration of the Dutch and French national philatelic societies, including all classes (including the aerophilatelic and astrophilathic classes);
    • Champion Class, with the top management of Belgian philately;
    • Olympic class, with some extremely rare collections on the Antwerp Olympics in 1920. to celebrate the centenary that it was not possible to commemorate in 2020;
    • Aerophilatelic exhibition, for the promotion of Aerophilatelia, consisting of 100 paintings, reserved for collections from 4 different countries: Belgium (Aerofil / SAB), France (CAF), Great Britain (BAMS) and Holland (Vliegende Hollander).


There is the possibility to rent hotel rooms under the same conditions as Antverpia 2022: about 98 euros / night including breakfast. The Mercure Antwerp City South is located approximately 500 meters from the Antwerp Expo. You can have a congress hall in the hotel at an honest price, with the FISA lunch that can also be organized in the hotel.

Antwerp is easily accessible by plane (Brussels airport and direct train to Antwerp in 25 minutes) or by train from all countries, or by car.

Further detailed information on location and hotel accommodation will follow soon, but much information can already be found on the website: www.antverpia2022.be (Dutch / French).

See you at the next 50th FISA Congress.