The passing away of Giangiacomo Orlandini

The sad news reaches us of the death in Rome, last August 2, of Giangiacomo Orlandini, former owner of the famous auction houses Italphil in Rome and Harmers in London, who for over fifty years has trod the Italian philatelic scene and has relaunched Italian air mail in the 1970s, also with its editorial initiatives.

In fact, it is from that period the beginning of airmail sales with dedicated auction catalogs and the publication, as publisher, of two important publications, which had great success among airmail collectors, still present today in everyone’s bookstores. the Italian and foreign aerophilatelic collectors, since they were both bilingual. This is the:

  • Catalog of Zeppelin aerograms (Italy, Italian Colonies, San Marino, Vatican), by E. Violino, published in 1971;
  • Italian Air Mail Catalog – Volume First: 1846/2930, by C. Cherubini and S. Taragni, published in 1974.

Giangiacomo has always been a friend of AIDA and promoted many initiatives, accompanied by the publications of interesting unique issues.

In particular, we refer to the splendid publications produced on the occasion of ROMAER 2005, ORBETELLO 2006 and MILAN 2008. On this last occasion, the 50th anniversary of the AIDA Foundation was celebrated.

Furthermore, after the death of our late president Fernando Corsari, to whom he was very attached, to honor his memory he promoted the organization of the “Corsari Prize”, which took place for some editions and which we intend to resume. Our deepest condolences go out to his family.