The Federation of Italian Philatelic Societies, in collaboration with the Sicilian Collectors Union, Via Padova 26, 96100 Syracuse (SR) organizes SIRACUSA 2021, National Exhibition and qualification for a single stand collection, from November 5-6, 2021, in Syracuse, location and times being defined.

Integration to the regulation

Since the number of display windows available may prove to be insufficient to accommodate all the participations that register, it is specified from now that, in the event of this eventuality, the exhibition will take place in mixed form, just as provided for in the appendix on exhibitions. virtual presentations in the Regulations for Exhibitions and Juries, 2021 edition.

On the website of the Federation, everything foreseen for the forwarding of participation requests is published and registrations are open to all interested parties:

The classes provided are:

– Aerofilatelia

– Astrofilatelia

– Fiscal Philately

– Youth Philately – Thematic

– Youth Philately – Non Thematic

– Thematic Philately

– Classical Traditional Philately (<1900)

– Modern Traditional Philately (1900-1945)

– Contemporary Traditional Philately (> 1945)

– Diachronic Traditional Philately

– Interophilia

– Maximafilia

– Classical postal history (<1900)

– Modern postal history (1900-1945)

– Contemporary postal history (> 1945)

– Diachronic postal history

– Open philately

The application form must be sent to the Delegate of Events and Juries:

Luca Lavagnino
P.O. Box 67
Cell .: 3474674132

By filling out and sending the appropriate form, also published in the next issue of Qui Filatelia, or by filling it out online through the event website.

The deadline for registrations for exhibitors has been set for September 25, 2021.