Members are informed that the next Milanofil 2021 national and qualifying exhibition has been confirmed on October 8-9, 2021. The location remains that of Superstudio in via Tortona 27 in Milan.

On the website of the Federation, everything foreseen for the forwarding of participation requests is published and registrations are open to all interested parties:

The classes foreseen are airphilately, astrophilately, interophilia, maximafilia, in the champion, competition, qualification sections. There are no participations in single stand, which will see their exhibition in Syracuse at the beginning of November (site also active for this event), of which we give notice with subsequent news.

The application form must be sent to the Delegate of Events and Juries:

Luca Lavagnino
P.O. Box 6712016
Peveragno (CN)
Cell .: 3474674132

By filling out and sending the appropriate form, also published in the next issue of “Qui Filatelia”, or by filling it out online through the event website.

A new application must also be submitted by those who had sent the application in 2020. The Federation will take into account for these names the participation fee already paid, as the registration fee has not changed.

The deadline for registrations for exhibitors has been set for August 22, 2021.