Aerophilatelic day 2021 in Switzerland

We receive information, from our partner Jean Pierre Hardegger, of the organization of the Aerofilatelica Day 2021, by the Schweizerische Aerophilatelisten-Verein (Swiss Aerofilatelic Association).

The event will take place on Saturday May, 15 2021, from 9:00 to 18:00, at Birrfeld airport, in Hangar 3 of the Aero-Club Aero-Club Aargau of the Flugplatz Birrfeld aviation school. The location is sponsored by the AeCA and is located outside the actual airport with direct access.

The program includes an exhibition of aerophilatelic collections (20 stands). At 12 noon there will be a welcome drink for invited guests and SAV members.

With two Stinson L-5s, the only ones currently registered in Switzerland, a special transport of mail will be carried out from Grenchen to Birrfeld and back. A special envelope will be published for the occasion and a special cancellation will be used on correspondence.

Further information is published on the SAV