The Jonian islands

Our library has been enriched with a new prestigious publication, “THE JONIAN ISLANDS and moments of World War II”, which the author Luigi Sirotti, also our member, has kindly sent us.

This is the umpteenth effort of Luigi Sirotti, a tireless scholar of postal history and, we would like to add, aeropostal, taking into account the countless references to air mail contained in this publication, starting with the very rare letter reproduced on the cover.

A study full of iconographic apparatuses, from very detailed geographical maps to the complete documentation of archive sources, which go to support a rich examination of postal material, also traveled by air, presented with a very refined graphic layout. A booklet is also attached to the volume containing the “Evaluations of postal items and stamps”.

The study is introduced by a brief description of the critical situation that had arisen in international connections after June 10, 1940, with Italy’s entry into the war. Lisbon had become a point of exchange of vital importance and the “via di Modane” made it possible to reach it as well as by air lines, by sea and land, by road and rail. A topic that will be explored in a future specific study, which we will be happy to read.