2021 – “D’Annunzio: Fiume and the new man” – Inauguration of the new exhibition at Mufis

From our member Dr. Alessandro Pratesi, collector and scholar of historical documents, memorabilia, postal history (including aerial) and philately, we receive news of this interesting exhibition inaugurated on January 18, 2021 at the Museum of Historical Figures in Calenzano (FI). , dedicated to the figure of D’Annunzio and accompanied by a series of four conferences, the first of which was held on the same January 18, on the museum’s social channels: facebook page and Youtube channel.

The exhibition and the conference promoted by the Museo del Figurino Storico are an opportunity to analyze from a historical, artistic and cultural point of view what Fiume represented for D’Annunzio and discover little-known anecdotes and facts related to this multifaceted character having an inexhaustible inventiveness. In this accurate analysis the “Carta del Carnaro” could not be missing which, if objectively analyzed, helps us to understand how far the ideas expressed on that occasion were, compared to the times in which they were born and how they had nothing to do with the events following the Rijeka experience.

The exhibition will end on March 18 and after the first two conferences already held on January 17 and January 18 2021, there will be two other conferences, which will be held on March 4 and March 18, at the end of the exhibition.
The conference of February 18 was divided into the following reports:

  • Prof. Paola Di Felice: Conclusion of the report on D’Annunzio’s “New Man”;
  • Dr. Alessandro Pratesi: Dannunzianism, Fiumanism and Fascism.

The third conference, which will be held on March 4, always live streaming, with expert speakers of contemporary history and military history, who will deal with the following aspects:

  • Mr. Daniele Guglielmi and Umberto Ponzecchi: A look from the military point of view;
  • Prof. Ugo Barlozzetti: The Fiume affair in the international context.

The fourth conference, closing the exhibition, will be held on March 18, again in live streaming, and the speakers will be the following:

  • Mr. Daniele Guglielmi and Umberto Ponzecchi: Equipaggiamen and armamen in Fiume;
  • Dr. Alessandro Pratesi: D’Annunzio innovator of Communication, Promotion and the use of mottos.

Below is the link to connect to the site, where the recordings of the conferences held in January are still available: