Federal greetings

From the Federation, with information letter n. 4 on February 27, 2021, we receive a curious account of the events that accompanied the sending by the Federation of a greeting card, which we publish here, sent to the federates and holders of federal offices. The fear was that someone could not receive it, but we have received it and publish it, naturally thanking the entire Federation Board for this original initiative.

Here is the story, as described by the President Bruno Crevato-Selvaggi:

We were to hold the first meeting of the Federation’s Governing Board in Milan on January 17th. So I had prepared a large pack of postcards from one of my own collections and had prepared them with a text on the label and the different addresses. For federates and federal office holders: more than three hundred different postcards, more or less all of the period, naturally franked with the commemorative stamp of the Federation. Then that meeting was held virtually, and the pack of postcards already signed by me went around Italy by post to reach each advisor, who signed and sent them back. Eventually, last week they were posted in Milan and are now reaching all recipients. The subject is almost always different and is casual; some stamps have a barcode, some others don’t.