2019 – 90th Anniversary of the Eastern Mediterranean cruise – Somma Lombardo

Conference – Volandia Museum June 8, 2019

In June 1929, the Eastern Mediterranean Cruise began, commissioned by the then Undersecretary Italo Balbo to reach the Black Sea with a dual objective: to train flight crews in formation over long distances and to advertise Italian aircraft abroad.

Ninety years later Volandia remembers the feat – «an example of social, commercial and technological progress» – with a meeting hosted in the conference room. The conference took place on Saturday June, 8 2019, starting at 10.15, at the Case Nuove Park and Flight Museum. He introduced Claudio Tovaglieri, president of the Scientific Committee of Volandia, which was followed by a speech by Gregory Alegi on “The origins and aeronautical policy of Italo Balbo”. Immediately afterwards, Paolo Waldis spoke on “Commercial relations” and Sergio Coniglio on “Technological evolution”. Conference moderator Filippo Meani.

The starting point was the naval base of Taranto for the S.55which reached Odessa (touched on June, 8 ) passing through Athens, Istanbul and Varna. The return followed another itinerary: Costanza, Istanbul, Taranto and finally Orbetello. At the helm of the feat was one of the great pioneers of Italian flight, Francesco De Pinedo, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force. It was a real triumph for the Italian aeronautical industry, the welcome for the Savoy Marchetti aircraft was great in each of the cities touched.