49th Day of Aerophilatelia 2019 Empoli

This edition of day of aerophilathelia, once again in Empoli (the previous occasion dates back to 2012), was organized in collaboration with the Circolo Filatelico Empolese, on September 14th, 15th 2019, combined with the XXIX edition of Emporium, at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, in Piazza Guido Guerra.

Using the usual formula of the non-competitive event, the event had a good response from the members, with collections focused not only on Leonardo, whose 5th centenary of his death was commemorated, but also on the most diverse themes of aerophilately and of aeropostal history. Here is the list of exhibitors:

• DI MENTO ELIGIO: “Post in Italy by helicopter (Selection)”
• GOTTARDI ROBERTO: “With ALITALIA in the world skies”
• GREPPI ITALO: “Selection of the first flights to / from Italy carried out by Italian and foreign airlines”
• LENSI LINO: “LATI Substitute Service – Pan American Airways transatlantic routes (1942-1945)”
• LONGHI FIORENZO: “Aerial propaganda in the First World War”
• MILANESI CARLO: “From Leonardo to the Moon”
• MONTAGNA EMANUELE: “Cruise around the world on the Concorde”
• RICCITELLI FLAVIO: “Some hints of Aeropostale History through Leonardo’s franking”
• SAVIO ALBERTO: “An Italian record in World Aeropostale History”
• TRENTA MASSIMO: “Leonardo and the Flight”
• VALCARCELL NICOLA: “Zeppelin – May 29-30, 1933 – The Bayér routes and the 3 Lire Zeppelin postage”

On this occasion we wanted to commemorate the 5th centenary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci and for this reason there was, by the Empolese Philatelic Circle (CFE), an interesting involvement of the schools, with the pupils of the local secondary schools who collaborated to the realization of the design of one of the two commemorative cancellations, as well as that of the special postcard and poster. For this reason, a competition was launched, which saw the selection of many sketches, which ended months before, with the following winners:

• for the cancellation: Francesco GIANI – 1st secondary school SS.ma Annunziata – Empoli
• for the poster: Francesca PICCINI – Class 3 ^ B secondary school Ist. Comprehensive of Vinci
• for the postcard: Leonardo ZHON – 2nd secondary school SS.ma Annunziata – Empoli

The cancellation of the Empolese Philatelic Circle was therefore added to the one prepared by our association, reproduced here. The image of the porthole associated with Leonardo’s stylized wing seemed to us an original way of evoking the genius of Leonardo.

Both cancellations were used on September 14th 2019, at the usual seconded post office organized, for the occasion, by Poste Italiane. The possibility of using the beautiful postage stamps issued by the post office dedicated to Leonardo has allowed many visitors to have the special postcards prepared by the Empolese Philatelic Circle (CFE) stamped, which AIDA has made its own to commemorate the 49th Day of Aerofilatelia.

The awarding of the winning students, which was followed by that of the exhibitors, saw the presence of many people and also many young people and it was also an excellent promotion for philately.
As usual, the CFE has also prepared an interesting single issue, 36 pages, all in color, distributed free to visitors, with interesting articles, not only aerophilatelic, dedicated to the figure of Leonardo.

Finally, there were many collateral activities, present in Empoli in those days, in the field of music and art, which made the stay of the members present in Empoli even more pleasant, as can be seen from some photos shown below.