48th Day of Aerophilatelia 2018 Milan

Although it was not clearly highlighted in the special cancellation prepared on the initiative of our association, the 48th Day, in memory of the 90 years of the expedition of “Italia” airship to the north pole, took place within the schedule of “Novecento Italiano by Comune di Milano”, with collaboration of Museum of Science and Technology and Archivio di Stato.
It was a photographic and philatelic exhibition, held from May 23rd to 30th 2018, at the “Spazio Filatelia” in via Cordusio, in Milan.
Much interest was aroused by the photographs, provided to us by the Historical Office of the Air Force, which allowed us to relive, thanks to guided tours, the various phases of the expedition, led by Umberto Nobile, the “Italia” airship departure from Milan (April 15th, 1928) to the many relief initiatives implemented to save the survivors of the “red tent”.
In a second room the real philatelic part was exhibited with postcards of the time and cancellations, by Lodovico Sacchi, secretary of the “Turinpolar”, who also collaborated in the initiative. The special cancellation we prepared was used on May 25th, in memory of the airship falling on the pack, on its return, after the flight over the North Pole.

On May 23rd, at the Auditorium of the Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo da Vinci”, a first Conference was held “to tell the research of then and today”, with the participation of some experts.

After introductory greetings by Fiorenzo Galli (Director of the Museum of Science and Technology), Massimo Inguscio (President of CNR) and Gianluca Vago (Milan State University Rector), the interventions of experts followed, moderated by Paola Catapano (CERN Communications):

• Marco Iezzi (Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology): The Red Tent, from myth to scientific expedition
• Leonardo Gariboldi (Milan University – Department of Physics “Aldo Pontremoli”): Aldo Pontremoli: Scientific research in the 1928 polar expedition
• Fabio Trincardi (National Research Council): The “Italia” airship base of the CNR, the Italian contribution to studies
• The Arctic Base “Dirigibile Italia”: Skype link with CNR researchers and the journalist Daniele Moretti of SkyTG24
• Marxcello Abbrescia (University of Bari, Historical Museum of Physics and Enrico Fermi Study and Research Center): The fascinating world of cosmic rays and the extreme energy events project
• Peter Gallinelli (Polarquest 2018): Sailing in the arctic ice aboard Nanuq, the passive igloo, from Greenland to Svalbard on the trail of Italia airship

The video link with NyAlesund was very interesting, where a group of scientists from “Casa Italia” answered the questions that were submitted to them by the Milan public, arousing much curiosity.
On May 26th, a second Conference took place at the Archivio di Stato, in via Senato 10, with the presence, among the various personalities, of a Norwegian professor who, with the help of an interpreter, interested the public with an extensive report related to the topic.
In particular, we wanted to retrace the journey of the N4 “Italy” airship commanded by General Umberto Nobile in the exploration of the last unknown lands. We started from the background (the previous polar exploration of 1926 led by Amundsen, in which Nobile also participated), to retrace the stages of the second exploration: from the take-off of the airship in the outskirts of Milan, to the first scientific results, up to its dramatic epilogue. With a particular eye on the remaining archival sources.

Dopo i saluti introduttivi, a cura Benedetto Luigi Compagnoni (Direttore Archivio di Stato di Milano), sono seguiti gli interventi degli esperti, moderati da Marco Iezzi (Curatore del Dipartimento Trasporti del Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia “Leonardo da Vinci” di Milano):

• Steinar Aas (Professor Nord University Bodo): Amundsen and the 1926 Norge expedition
• Gianluca Casagrande (Professor at the European University of Rome): The story of “Italia” airship expedition in the archives of the Italian Geographic Society
• Claudio Sicolo (Researcher and author of “The «Italia» airship with the radio at the North Pole. The literary dreams of Gabriele D’Annunzio and Umberto Nobile feat): The wireless adventure of «Italia» airship by Umberto Noble
• Francesca Zara (Curator of the document of the month and exhibition of Milan Archivio di Stato): Document of the month: “Italia” airship story among the papers of Milan Prefecture

In the adjacent “sala delle mappe” an exhibition of documents has been set up which, most likely, had never been seen (and will probably only be exhibited in 10 years). Documents that revived the days that, at the time, worried everyone about the news that followed one another about the survivors of the expedition. This exhibition continued throughout the month of June.
In addition to Milan, the one prepared by AIDA, to commemorate the fall of the airship, other cancellations were also prepared in Viterbo and Verona. In this regard, reference should be made to the AIDAFlash 159 magazine, which contains further details.