45th Aerophilatelia Day 2013 Noale

The “Day”, over the years, has moved to various Italian locations, where it has always been quite successful. This time it arrived in Noale, in the hinterland of Venice. The event took place as part of the national “Novalis 2013”, promoted by the Federation of Philatelic Societies, in which the “Aerofilatelia” class was also present, which has the excellent result of several of our members.
The friends of the Philatelic-Numismatic Circle of Noale, led by Pierluigi Marazzato, also prepared a folkloristic entertainment program, which was very welcome to all those who attended this event in the charming Venetian town between June 14the and 16th.
Among the exhibitors, whose list is highlighted below, we also had the pleasure of including a junior, from Mantova, who presented a theme concerning the history of flight.
Here is the list of participants:

  • VASENTIO MARCO (junior): “From Icarus to the present day: the great challenge of man”
  • AMOROSO ANDREA: “The seaplane of 1917 – The Naples-Palermo-Naples airmail experiment”
  • CATTANEI RAIMONDO: “From Lindbergh to commercial transatlantic flights”
  • CATTANEI RAIMONDO: “Airline n.1”
  • CORSARI BRUNA: “Flights interrupted”
  • DI MENTO ELIGIO: “Air Tour of Sicily (selection)”
  • GOTTARDI ROBERTO: “Wings on Lario”
  • GREPPI ITALO: “Selection of first flights to and from Italy performed by Italian and foreign companies”
  • LENSI LINO: “The realization of the London-Cape Town link”
  • LEVERA GUIDO: “In the sky of Lithuania”
  • MILANESI CARLO: “Journeys of Pope Paul VI”
  • MONTAGNA EMANUELE: “Cruise around the world on the CONCORDE”
  • NEGRO VITTORIO: “Aviation on the ice”
  • REITER BRUNO: “Milan, round trip”
  • STELLA ANTONIO: “Foligno Airport”
  • STRAZZERI LUIGI: “Polarfahrt – The arctic expedition of Zeppelin airship”
  • VALCARCELL NICOLA: “150th anniversary of Count von Zeppelin birth”

All aroused keen interest among visitors, who then crowded the space of the Italian Post Office to buy the postcards made for the occasion.