43rd Aerophilatelia Day 2011 Lavagna

In collaboration with the Circolo Filatelico Lavagnese, which has always been active with periodic exhibition initiatives, in turn supported by the Municipal Administration of Lavagna, it was decided to organize the “Day” of 2011 in the splendid town of Liguria, which we all know, in the days June 4-5, 2011.
When the news broke on the pages of the magazine, it was nice to see the immediate enthusiasm of many members to find themselves in Liguria, at the dawn of summer, counting on the collaboration of an organized, efficient and well represented club by its president Luca Lavagnino .

The idea of organizing the event in Lavagna started a year earlier, demonstrating that, if you want to have good results, you always need an adequate period of time. Well, looking at the number of collections on display (see the list below), it can be said that the efforts have been crowned with success, given the wide participation of the members of both associations, who have taken advantage of the opportunity to tighten or renew bonds of friendship and esteem, also stimulated by the warmth of a beautiful sun that announced the imminent arrival of summer on the Ligurian Riviera.
Here is the list of exhibitors:

• AMOROSO ANDREA: “The history of aeronautics from the dawn to the end of the First World War”
• CELESTE BARDUCCI: “Wings over the world”
• BINI ROMANO: “The pioneers of the air”
• CATTANEI RAIMONDO: “Polar routes”
• CICCARELLI RAFFAELE (CFL member): “Marine aviation”
• CORSARI BRUNA: “Italy-East (Near-Middle-Far) 1952- 1960”
• DI MENTO ELIGIO: “International Air Tour of Sicily”
• FUMAGALLI MARIO: “Erinnofili”
• GIRONI COSTANTINO: “Precursors of air mail”
• GIRONI COSTANTINO: “SAM- Mediterranean Air Company”
• GOTTARDI ROBERTO: “Italy and San Marino: the marcophilia recalls the conquest of the sky and space”
• LENSI LINO: “Italy-Mediterranean routes”
• MERELLI GIOVANNI: “4th selection of suggestive air postage in the period of the Kingdom”
• MERELLI GIOVANNI: “The resumption of air postal services after the war”
• MILANESI CARLO: “Silent flights”
• MONTAGNA EMANUELE: “International Air Tour of Sicily”
• POGLIANI PAOLO: “LATI to the Salt Island” “Airship trip from London to Rome”
• REITER BRUNO: “ZEPPELIN NT flights from 1997 (start of flights) to 2008”
• RICCITELI FLAVIO: “The anticipation flights of the Thirties to / from transatlantic liners traveling on the North-Atlantic route”
• STELLA ANTONIO: “Italian Air Force in space, humanitarian missions and peacekeeping missions”
• TRENTA MASSIMO: “Airstrike Battalions”
• VIGO RICCARDO: “The Days of Aerophilatelia from 1971 to 2010”

As per tradition, on June 4, a detached post office worked in the premises of the Exhibition, to cancel the correspondence presented there. In particular, the two special postcards (see images below) published for the occasion by AIDA and Circolo Filatelico Lavagnese, with their respective special cancellations.

The cancellation of the AIDA depicted the Blériot monoplane, with which the famous Milan-Turin-Milan Raid of 1911 was completed, whose centenary was commemorated, while that of the CFL a Caproni bombing biplane Ca.1 of 1909.