1994 – MAV VERGIATE 94

28th Air Show – Agusta Airport – Vergiate September, 4th 1994

One of the most outstanding characteristics of Vergiate Club has always been the great passion of its members for all aspects of flying. This passion has always meant not only pleasure in flying, but also pleasure in admiring others, showing one’s skills and those of one’s aircraft, and sharing with everyone, professionals, enthusiasts and curious, the thrill of an air show of high level. With this spirit, in 1957, the first Vergiate Air Show, more often known as MAV by enthusiasts, saw the light.

Since then, the MAV, almost without interruption, has been a faithful witness of the Italian, and often international, aeronautical world. The SIAI Marchetti airfield has always seen all the best products of the national aeronautical industry exhibit. For Aeritalia, Aermacchi, Agusta, Caproni, Piaggio and SlAI Marchetti, Vergiate has always represented an internationally renowned showcase.

The MAV can boast the constant presence of the best acrobatic patrols, among which the Italian ones naturally stand out. First the Red Devils of the 6th Aerobrigata, on F-84F, then the Prancing Horse of the 4th Aerobrigata, on F-86E, from 1965, the Frecce Tricolori with the Fiat G.91 up to today with the current Aermacchi M8.339. Among the foreign guests we remember the French patrols Patruille de France and Equipe de Voltige, the English ones of the Red Arrows, Falcons, Macaws and Gemini, the Belgian teams of the Slivers (with the F-104s) and the Swallows, the Austrian Karo As and the private formations of the Alpi Eagles and the Martini.

Making a list of all the aircraft, military and civilian, that have performed in the sky of Vergiate, would be almost impossible. Many of the most significant aircraft and helicopters built were guests of the MAV. Above all, we should remember the first presentation in Italy of a vertical take-off Harrier aircraft in 1974, as well as the first public appearance of the Panavia Tornado at the 1979 MAV. But still others in the following years.

Even civilian companies have often participated in the Vergiate demonstration, as well as the aircraft of the Army, Navy, Carabinieri, Police and various state bodies, first of all for the spectacular service of the Civil Protection, with its firefighting aircraft.

Finally, among the attractive elements, historical aircraft, gliders, ultralights, paratroopers, self-built aircraft, model aircraft: all aspects of flight have always found space and interest in the MAV.

Naturally, the MAV could not have become the most famous Italian air show without the positive interest of the Agusta Group, the support of the local authorities, the citizens of Vergiate and the general public, who have always responded massively to the call of the air show. The enthusiasm and affection of the public, which also comes in large numbers from abroad, are the best incentive for each edition of the MAV to be more beautiful and spectacular than the previous one.

Having made this necessary premise, we come to this year’s event, for which the Aero Club of Vergiate has succeeded in organizing an event of high quality, with a very rich program, which has contributed not a little to raise and encourage a correct aeronautical culture, arousing ever greater interest in the fantastic world of flight.
Here you can browse the large photo album, which illustrates the different topical moments of the event.